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The eternal allure of unmistakable sophistication. In addition to the furnishing solutions offered up to now, Deri has rounded out its living/dining and bedroom range with sumptuous paneling made of Italian walnut, lacquered wood, or tufted leather. A style with echoes of classicism that highlight fine Italian craftsmanship, in which wood-paneled walls are punctuated and alternated with sophisticated hearths, sumptuous bookshelves and leather sofas and armchairs.

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Collection Firenze

Collection Firenze was created by great artist who could transfer the tradition of Florence Masters in decoration and sculpture till our time. The door panels show life views in the chief town of Tuscany: Piazza della Signoria. Porta Romana, Ponte Vecchio. The collection careful to the minimum details could not exclude the version lacquered and hand-decorated, the art of Florence decoration. A collection careful to the minimum details could not exclude the version lacquered and hand-decorated


Collection Ercole Romanica

Following a careful research Mobil Deri created the door panels for model Ercole, with the views of Colosseum, the Temple of Pietra and the Temple of Vesta, called of the fortune. Also in these doors we realize all the work of master wood-cavers - to represent the life scenes, they have run through the Roman culture again, they have used the realism as an art to transmit the noble achievements and the splendors. The details are showing the accurate handwork of sculptures, bas-reliefs and carving which characterize this collection. The bedroom is created in perfect harmony with the living-area. The bed of your dreams and gorgeous accessories inspire a warm intimacy in the sleeping quarter.

Ercole Romanica

Collection Arcadia

The Arcadia collection presents solid wood furniture, decorated only by hand, the painstakingly crafted work of master cabinetmakers. It features unusual motifs, inspired by botanical world, that adorn the front of these pieces.

From the sofa to the towering wooden clock, every peace is painstakingly crafted to add a pleasant touch of surprise to the everyday home environment. These details accentuate the pleasure of comfort luxury and harmony of form, in the name of total relaxation.


Collection Diadema.

Artisan techniques are used to transform the raw material into an evocative interplay of shake, in the decorative molding that runs along the drawer fronts. Master decoration manually apply gleaming touches of gold and silver leaf to the carved fronds. Lavish carved decorations and brushstrokes of gold and silver leaf create powerful lines that are tempered by the choice of lacquer background.

The unique Led lighting of the carved molding seems to give these pieces own inner glow. Silky fabrics in shimmering shades echo the diaphanous luminescence of the finishing.