Mobil Deri is a company whose basic characteristic is its completely handicraft nature. The Ercole Romanica, Firenze, Firenze Vip, Arcadia, Diadema collections stand out for the high-quality solid wood used to create each piece from the design concept to the finished product, every stage of the process nightlights the exceptional manual skills of master woodworkers, who shape, , lathe and carve the figures and motifs, bringing the material to life in sturdy structures.

The design is inspired by the best classical tradition of the Italian Renaissance, the charm of line finds elevation by the love for real wood and details. The models are made in prized material, carefully selected. The carving, the door panels and the frame are in solid wood, entirely hand-carved. Every single item of the collections can be realized in walnut with lacquered finishing and hand decorations in the style Florence.

The values on which Mobil Deri rely on are quality, skills and the pursuit of excellence, creating a unique, always fashionable and timeless style.